Category Level 1 - Beginner


    9 Lessons in

    These are the things that you need to get done when you first start with Practice Pro. Lessons in this course will cover security, administrative and the most important module settings screens. This course should be taken by Office Administrators and Billing Managers especially.


    5 Lessons in

    The Dashboard is the entry point for the Practice Pro system and has features that every user should know how to use! It is also especially important for therapists as it includes features on how to manage daily appointments, missed notes and charges.


    10 Lessons in


    In this course you will complete the following lessons:

    • • Navigating the Scheduler
    • • Viewing the Scheduler
    • • Scheduling an Appointment
    • • Scheduling a New Patient
    • • Working with an Appointment
    • • Finding Patient Information
    • • Patient Reports
    • • Collecting a Copay
    • • Using Blocks and Timesheets
    • • Viewing Additional Patient Info


    15 Lessons in

    This course covers the entire workflow of Patient Registration- setting up demographics, insurance, authorization and more. As such, is a very important course for not only scheduling users, but also billing and administration.


    13 Lessons in

    This course covers everything billing related: charges, claims, posting and collections. It even highlights many useful reports used in these workflows. It is designed and highly suggested for all levels of billing users, including mangers.


    10 Lessons in

    This course is designed specifically for clinicians (therapists and assistants) and covers the entire workflow from how to access notes all the way through generating charges. It is not discipline or clinical template specific, rather it focuses on the features of the EMR module and how to use them effectively.


    In this course you will complete the following lessons:

    • • Accessing Clinical Notes
    • • Navigating the EMR
    • • Finding Patient Information in the EMR
    • • Entering Diagnosis Codes
    • • Creating a Clinical Note (Initial Evaluation)
    • • Entering Patient Goals
    • • Medicare Compliance and Reporting
    • • Creating and Using the Flowsheet
    • • Finalizing a Note
    • • Creating a Clinical Note 2
    • • Additional Flowsheet Features


    6 Lessons in

    This course should be taken by anyone that will be using the Cobility Referral Management module, but more specifically, there are 3 different user roles covered in this course: Field Reps, Patient/Referral Coordinator, Benefits Coordinators. *Regardless of your role, it is highly recommended to watch all the lessons so you gain an understanding of how the whole module works!